youngoat (youngoat) wrote,

Un mensaje para mis amigos livejournal.

So how did you like all of those spanish posts I made over the last few weeks?  Pretty great, right?  Oh, woops.

Anyway, Spanish 1 finished yesterday (it was only a 5-week course).  It went quite well.  By my count, I now know around 600 Spanish words/phrases.  I’m starting to struggle a little with motivation (right now I’m basically just doing it “for fun”, but as it gets harder and I have no immediate need to learn Spanish, it’s starting to feel a little burdensome).  But It’s really good to interact with “real” (non-Microsoft) people!  Even if it’s mostly along the lines of “Hi”, “You wear a yellow shirt.”  “What is your mother’s name?”, “What time is it?”, “Are you married?”  “What’s your address and telephone number?”  “Fine.  Be that way.”

Anyway, I’ll be continuing with Spanish 2 on Monday.  Yay!


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